Continuing Education

Online continuing education resource list.
2019 Request for Standing form
2019 Request for Standing cover letter
Letter to Mid-America clergy about policy changes 8/23/16.
Continuing Education Policy (CoM 9)
What qualifies as continuing education?
Clergy Information form (if retired-inactive)


Mid-America Disciples expect their clergy to be as well informed and continuously educated as their physicians, attorneys and other professionals.  Clergy with standing commit to a minimum of 15 contact hours of continuing education in any of the 16 areas of ministry and may include up to 6 hours of reading.  They complete and send in a report of their continuing education in January.  Some (though not all) activities that count for continuing education:

What is done with this information?

  • Confirm that you have met the minimum required (15) continuing education hours to retain Standing

  • Provide valuable information for continuing education event planners and your clergy colleagues throughout the Region