Have We Got a Cabinet for You!

Disciples Volunteering, Disciples Church Extension Fund, Disciples Home Missions, Disciples Women, Reconciliation Ministry, Week of Compassion, National Convocation, Disciples Great River Region, and Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation have partnered to assist Real Faith Christian Church in Clarksdale, MS with the construction of a new facility. The congregation had begun construction on this new facility a number of years ago, after outgrowing the old sanctuary and limited classroom space. In 2009, however, work came to a halt. In the midst of their building campaign, the congregation went through a crisis.  Many Disciples volunteers and others are working onsite with the pastor and members of the congregation to get the infrastructure secured so further construction can proceed.

Real Faith Christian Church provides a vital food ministry to the children and youth in Clarksdale.  Currently they are operating this food ministry off-site.  Completion of this project will assist the congregation in returning this feeding ministry to their church facility.

 (See story at https://www.discipleshomemissions.org/dhm/dhm-ministries/disciples-volunteering/sending-teams-in-mission/special-projects/, Disciples Church Extension Fund “The Journey” newsletter or visit Disciples Volunteering on Facebook.

 Because of South Joplin Christian Church’s experience of building cabinetry in the remodeling of its own kitchen, the congregation was approached about undertaking the building of kitchen cabinetry for Real Faith Christian Church.  We have said yes! 

During the month of February through mid-March the congregation of South Joplin Christian Church will be building the kitchen cabinetry for Real Faith Christian Church.  We are inviting our family, friends, other churches and coworkers to help us raise $5,000 to cover the costs of building and installation.  We will build approximately 40’ of cabinetry to include a 5’ x 3’ island.

Donations:  Purchase 1 foot of cabinetry for $125 or cabinet hardware for $10 per unit (approx. 50 units). 

Donations can be mailed to:  South Joplin Christian Church, 1901 S. Pearl Avenue, Joplin, MO 64804, (417-624-2522).  Please make checks payable to SJCC Outreach. 

Online donations can be made at: www.southjoplindisciples.org

 Thank you so much for your support!

South Joplin Christian Church Outreach Committee