Florissant Valley Christian Church Makes a Joyful Noise

Florissant Valley Christian Church decided in 2008 that we would take up a special offering once a month. This offering would be our change that we had in our pockets or purses. The first time we did this it was just a surprise. It was not planned but since then we do it on the second Sunday of each month. We take the pads out of our offering plates so that we truly make a Joyful Noise as we drop in our coins. We have had people bring in their change in both large and small containers. We have one gentleman who wants to see the offering trays so heavy that they cannot be carried out by one person. We have come close but haven't succeeded at this goal just yet. 

My normal place to sit is in the back under the balcony. It is such fun to sit and watch the expressions of the congregation as they drop their coins into the plates and hear the noise they make. There is much joy on the faces of everyone as they give this offering each month. It is a blessing to both the giver and the receiver. 

We now plan ahead and have someplace special each month for this offering. Sometimes it is an outreach offering and sometimes we use it for something special we are working on in our church. People save their change or they hand a check or cash to the treasurer. 

From December 2009 until December 2014 we have collected over $7,500 with our change. We didn't keep track of what we collected for the first year or two. We have helped with our Shoebox shipping expenses, Habitat for Humanity, Loaves and Fishes, Faith in Action, Wheels for the World, TEAM, Our Youth Puppet Ministry, the purchase of a new playground, and many other things that have come up during the years.

These are things that are not in our budget. They are over and above what we normally give to.

We have been truly blessed with this offering. 


Story and photos courtesy of Carol Mayer.