FCC Sedalia Mentoring Program


First Christian Church in Sedalia began a mentoring program in 2005 with cooperation from the staff at Washington Elementary School. Volunteer adults provide the opportunity for young children to have a positive role model and adult friend they can trust. Mentors are matched with a student and spend at least one hour each week at the school with their mentee. Many volunteers have extended their time by taking their child on outings, visiting the family and even bringing their young friend to church on Sunday. Our program alone currently serves approximately 40 children and has been adopted by other schools and other churches in the Sedalia community. Most of the volunteers develop a very special relationship with their kids and stay with them as mentors for years.

First Christian Church Outreach Team also provides a Thanksgiving Dinner for the entire family of each mentee and honors the volunteers each year with a mentor appreciation dinner. We believe God has called us, the church, to be His hands and feet at local, national and global levels. Sunday worship is our rallying point and our source of rejuvenation each week to minister to the kingdom at each of these levels. It is a privilege for us to be able to bring the love of Christ to these children in such a positive and personal way. Time has proven this program to be one of the most successful and rewarding endeavors we have established. It is one of many ways we strive to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God on a local level.

We first learned/shared about this wonderful program about a year ago and are happy to report that since then it has been thriving and has even grown! Thank you to the church's Director of Connections Kim Boggs and Associate Pastor Gina Johnson for this update.