A Little Thing That Means A Lot

As another day dawns for children in the foster care system to transfer to another location, their belongings get packed hurriedly. Precious photos, some clothes, maybe a toy or two – all shoved in the same bag the neighbors stuff their garbage in. Yes, it is a sad reality. The children get to carry all they have left in a trash bag. Not a backpack or a duffle bag. A trash bag.

Pretty soon, the children feel like trash themselves. Wouldn’t you?

But God loves these young ones, no matter what stage of life they’re in. And First Christian Church in Gallatin values whom God values. In an effort to show Jesus’ love to the kiddos, the church family gathered new or gently-used duffle bags for two weeks during the National Foster Care Month (May).

The results were overwhelming. Duffle bags kept coming in to the church office. After the two-week drive, there was hardly any space in the SUV as Dr. Julia Filley, Esq., together with Pastor Corey and Ivonne, delivered the bags to the Children’s Division.

It was a short “Duffle Bag Drive,” but it’s only the beginning. No child should feel like trash. Jesus values the next generation greatly. And so should we.

Story and photo courtesy of Corey and Ivonne Norman.