Older Adult Ministries Workshop at Millersburg CC


The Rickman Legacy Leadership Grant is funding the second year of Older Adult Ministry training programs across our Region. Eighteen people representing seven congregations gathered at Millersburg CC in Fulton on September 30 to explore and discover biblical perspectives on aging, ways to manage change and loss, and to explore older adult ministry models. Bible passages and personal stories uncovered some ways our stereotypes about old age can limit our perspectives. We looked at the big picture and some of the details about changes in our outlook and abilities.


Through a devotional and discussion mode, we reinforced our hopes and wishes for growing older with a focus on God and an attitude of flexibility. Affirming that we are all interdependent, we discussed how our congregations might recognize, develop, and cultivate programs especially for intergenerational groups or specifically for older adults.

After the program, a pastor offered, “Your talk inspired me to think about possibilities of tapping into my own background and gifts in this area of spirituality. Perhaps a community focus would bring in some of those unchurched Baby Boomers who are ‘spiritual but not religious.’”  

There is a final event this year in Mt. Vernon on October 27 from 9am to 1pm. The session is free but registration is required. For more information, contact Paul Koch paul.ccma@sbcglobal.net or Jan Aerie aeriej@gmail.com.

Thanks for Jan Aerie for this information.