New Minister Survival Kit


We are honored and privileged to have you join with us in mission and ministry here in the Christian Church of Mid-America. These are exciting times to be a part of the Church, certainly in the congregation with which you have just begun a new ministry, and certainly within the CCM-A.

We're delighted that you have been called to join with us in this exhilarating journey of faith and witness. Your entire Regional Ministry Team (four Area Ministers) invite you to be in touch with any of us if there is something with which we might be of assistance or some bit of information we might be able to provide. We look forward to working with you in whatever ways seem to be helpful and appropriate.

May the peace of Christ be with you, and may God bless you richly in this new and exciting time in your life and ministry.

Regional Ministry Team
Christian Church in Mid-America

Regional Assembly

The Regional Assembly meets in the fall of the even numbered years. The Vice-Moderator of the Region serves a chair of the planning group. Each congregation is allowed voting delegates to the Assembly, based upon the size of the congregation.

Region-wide Clergy Gatherings

Currently, we meet with the United Church of Christ in an event called Persons in Ministry (PIM). It is also a fall gathering.

Ministerial Standing

Ministers with standing with the Disciples and serving in Mid-America have their ministerial standing reviewed annually. Once the annual continuing education form is submitted and the review is complete, ID cards are sent to each minister.

Elders Retreat

There is a retreat for Elders in local congregations and for pastors held annually in the winter months at Rickman Center.

Regional Youth Work

The Christian Regional Youth (CRY) event is held at Disciples-affiliated college campuses during the summer.

Camp and conferences are organized through the Area Ministries. The experience of Christian Community which occurs in the camping program is life changing for many youth. Across the entire church, the number of youth who discover God's personal call to ministry through the camping program is phenomenal. We invite you to contact the Area staff working with camps and volunteer to invest a week at camp.