Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America
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The Christian Church of Mid-America (Disciples of Christ)

The Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) serving congregations in Missouri outside Kansas City, and serving congregations in Illinois near St Louis, MO.

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Northwest Area Office
P.O. Box 353
Cameron, Missouri 64429-0353
Phone: 816.528.4400
Fax: 816.632.1892
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Northeast Area Office
2700 E. Nifong Boulevard
P.O. Box 10230
Columbia, Missouri 65205-4003
Phone: 573.442.5815
Fax: 573.442.1925
Northeast Website

Ozark Lakes Area Office
500 South Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65806-3102
Phone: 417.865.0850
Fax: 417.865.8805
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Southeast Gateway Office
475 East Lockwood Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63119
Phone: 314.918.2515
Fax: 314.918.2529
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Order of Ministry


Minister Continuing Education Report Form

for 2011 Reporting

The Commission on the Ministry is a foundational ministry of the Region committed to the development and support of ministerial leadership. It has been charged with administering the Policies and Criteria for the Order of Ministry for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) on behalf of the whole Church. Specifically, its tasks include:

  • Providing nurture and guidance to persons interested in Christian ministry as a vocation;
  • Establishing procedures for the authorization of ordination;
  • Creating procedures for licensing of ministers in the Region through the Areas;
  • Conducting periodic reviews of those ministers with standing in the Region through the Order of Ministry;
  • Serving as an advocate for ministry among the congregations of Mid-America through the development of recommended policies in such matters as continuing education, parental leave and women in ministry;
  • Create policies concerning ministerial conduct;
  • Implement procedures to respond to allegations of misconduct by clergy;
  • Addressing issues of enlistment to ministry;
  • Providing consultation, as requested, to the Communion of Disciples Clergy.

The Commission is composed of members from across the life of the church. There are three categories of membership by which persons may serve on the Commission on the Order of Ministry: Members-at-large, Chairs of Area Committees of Ministry and Representatives of Constituent Groups in ministry.

Twelve Members-at-large are selected through the regular nominating process of the Region and presented to the Regional Assembly for election. Such members serve six-year terms with one-third being new every biennium. Members-at-large represent a balance of clergy, laity, male, female, racial and ethnic groups.

Chairs of the Area Committees on Ministry, representing each of the four Areas of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America, serve ex officio with vote. Terms are dependent on terms of office in each respective Area.

Representatives of the Missouri School of Religion and the Intentional Interim Ministry Specialists are selected by their respective groups and serve ex officio with vote. An Area Minister and legal counselor are appointed by the Commission on the Order of Ministry for three year terms and serve ex officio with vote.

The Commission on the Order of Ministry normally meets twice each year in January and August. Special Commission meetings may also be called by the Chair or staff liaison.

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