The Commission on the Order of Ministry Convenes

The Commission on the Order of Ministry for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America met at Community Christian Church in Jefferson City August 5-6 to review updates to the policies and criteria for standing and to interview candidates at various stages in the ordination track and those exploring candidacy.


Rhonda Aldridge (standing third from the left in front), elder in the Centennial Hills CC in St. Louis and seminary student was received into candidacy for ordination. Candidacy signifies that Disciples in the Mid-America Region enter into a covenant relationship with persons who believe themselves to have been called to serve as commissioned or ordained ministers. During candidacy the person meets with a Nurture Team, continues to engage in focused learning activities and prepares to practice with increasing competence sixteen aspects of effective ministry while also developing personal qualifications for sustainable service to the Church.  Periodic meetings with the Commission allow for progress to be recognized and affirmed and needed additional effort to be specified and encouraged.


William Brown (wearing the suit), bi-vocational pastor serving Villa Ridge Christian Church (and teaching at Troy Buchanan High School), has completed the requirements for graduation from Lexington Theological Seminary.  Upon recommendation from his Ordination Nurture Team and fulfillment of all other requirements and was authorized for ordination by the Commission.  Minister who are ordained are considered equipped as well as called to serve professionally within the Church universal. 

The Commission also granted Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing to Andrea Asselmeier (center), an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ now serving as youth minister at First Christian Church Troy.  This privilege acknowledges Andrea's work in and covenant with the Disciples of Christ.  The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Untied Church of Christ both employ a process whereby ordained ministers in each denomination may, after completing a course of studies and gaining approval of authorizing bodies may enjoy the privilege of seeking and serving in a call in either denomination. 

Membership on the Commission is elected by the Regional Assembly upon recommendation from the Council of Areas.  Mid-America Ministry Team member and Ozark Lakes Area Minister Mike Weinman coordinates the work of the Commission with help from OLA Office Manager Jeni Brown.