Ozark CC Works at Freedom's Rest

The loving arms, hands and feet of Ozark Christian Church were out in force on June 10, when ten volunteers showed up at Freedom’s Rest (Christian County Family Crisis Center) to help spruce things up.  The group gave up their Saturday morning and part of their afternoon to clean and organize the kitchen and toy/play room, mow and weed eat the grounds, remove non-working large appliances, fix bikes, stain a wooden swing set and paint a child’s picnic table. 



The group was joined in their efforts by the Volunteer Coordinator at Freedom’s Rest, as well as a few residents that wanted to help.   The work was not too difficult, and even though the temperatures were warming up, it was the hearts of those involved that were warmed the most.  One resident even delivered a handwritten thank you note to the group before the day was over.  Don’t ever underestimate what you and your church can do to touch other people’s lives.






Story & photos courtesy of OCC's Marna Strahl.