Meet Our Newest Regional Minister - Rev. Ronald Routledge

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In January 2018 the Mid-America Board authorized the search for a Regional Minister to serve in the Northwest portion of the Region. A committee of seven people was established, chaired by Rev. Dr. Patrick Overton of Arrow Rock Federated Church. Group members hailed from around the Region and were charged with the task of identifying a Regional Minister utilizing the Disciples Executive Search Model. Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker, Regional Minister of the Illinois-Wisconsin Region, served as Regional Search Consultant. After months of work, the group presented Rev. Ronald (Ron) Routledge as their recommendation to the Regional Board, at their meeting on September 8. He was approved unanimously and will begin this new ministry with us on November 1. Below is the biographical information that was shared at that meeting.

Born and raised in Missouri, Ron married his high school sweetheart, Louise Ann and together they have four children and two grandchildren and enjoy life on a small farm in NW MO. Ron has lived in Brookfield since 2009 and loves the culture of close-knit rural communities and their unique sense of place.

Ron holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a minor in Religious Studies from MU-Columbia. After beginning a career in business, he followed a call to ministry. Deciding to go back to school, he attended Lexington Theological Seminary where he obtained his Master of Divinity with an emphasis in congregational transformation. Since his ordination, he has served four congregations as Senior Minister and five congregations as Transitional Minister. Ron has ministered to congregations located in each of the four geographical parts of the Mid-America Region.   

Drawing on his multiple areas of interests and diverse experiences, he can connect with people from all walks of life. Following Jesus’ model of transformational leadership, Ron celebrates ministry which encourages personal, spiritual and communal growth. His personal mission statement is: “God calls me to shepherd and strengthen the Church, one congregation at a time.” He is committed to serving as a presence to enable him to bring clarity of vision and encouragement to all disciples. Ron has a strong affinity for small, rural churches and seeks to identify and support the commissioned and bi-vocational Ministers who serve them.

Excited about the rich history of the Mid-America Region, Ron celebrates the Spirit of love and generosity expressed through the many congregations we serve. As a collaborative team player, Ron looks forward to becoming part of the unique Mid-America Regional Minister Team. He sees this new approach as a healthy and creative paradigm promoting transitional and transformational ministry throughout the entire Region.

Through his leadership style, Ron maintains a strong commitment for his ministry to be close to Christ and Holy Scripture to help him nurture communities and individuals. He brings an analytical mind and a heart deeply grounded in its ‘first love.’ And he lives with a spirit of acceptance for all persons from the great diversity we enjoy as members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 

Ron has committed his life to serving the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and appreciates the Church’s polity which provides for mutual accountability and freedom to express congregational faithfulness, in all its ways.