FCC Ash Grove Celebrates 135 Years

On July 24, 2016, First Christian Church of Ash Grove, Missouri celebrated its 135th anniversary.  Larry R. Colvin, Regional Ministry Team member brought greetings from the national and regional church and Wanda Hendenberg, retired board member of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society presented a certificate to the church commemorating the occasion.  We were also joined by our Disciples Care Team Member, Sara Compton.  The worship/celebration was followed by a fellowship luncheon.  It was a great day of reunion, remembrance, as well as anticipation of where God is leading us in the future.

In the months prior to the celebration, the church was involved with several service projects involving the number “135.”  These included: collecting 135 packages of newborn diapers for Newborns in Need; collecting 135 bars of soap for the local food pantry; participating in the 135 “Miles of Motion” (walking, jogging, exercising, etc.), collecting 135 boxes of quality tissues for the residents of the local health care facility; encouraging our children to perform 135 eggs-tra acts of kindness, submitting 135 prayer requests for personal, local, national,  and global issues, and sharing 135 favorite Bible verses.  Also, a book of members’ and former members’ memoirs was compiled and distributed on the day.  It’s been a great year of service and celebration for First Christian Church of Ash Grove.

Story & photo courtesy of Tom Geer.