A Farewell Message from Rev. Dr. G. Mike Weinman

Mike’s Moment…

This has been the heading for my articles since I was a summer intern at the First Christian Church in Borger, Texas, in the summer of 1970. I will use it one more time to extend a word of gratitude for the 14-years, 11-months, and 16-days, I have worked with you. But who's counting? 

Mike retirement photo.jpeg

We had a wonderful worship [leadership Dr. Phil Snider, Brentwood, Spfd] followed by a great reception [leadership, Vickie Sower, Bolivar, along with the members of Central CC, Spfd], and I thank all for the great time we had together. And this past week I have an “exit interview” which must mean the day of retirement and closure is approaching quickly.

In fact on December 31, I officially retire as a member of the Regional Minister Team (RMT). I remember starting as Area Minister for the Ozark Lakes Area of the Christian Church of Mid-America and now concluding as Regional Minister Team member; it has been a wonderful and challenging adventure in faith and community. 

For all the words and prayers of encouragement, for the fun of fellowship, and the challenge of crisis, I have enjoyed the work we have done together for the mission and ministry of the congregations within the Mid-America Region. I ask your forgiveness when I have stumbled on our journey, and thank you for the graciousness when you lifted me up. I know God’s blessing has sustained us, and beckoned us forward in the path we have followed with Christ. It is at this time I step back from the responsibility of the RMT and the congregations of the Region. I know your love and care for me will smoothly and swiftly move to embrace the ministry of Rev. Katrina Palan. 

I pray God’s presence and love continue in each congregation, across this Region, and surrounding the whole creation of God. For your words and cards, for the worship and reception we shared together, for the gift received (that will probably go for many green fees in the next years), for all expressions of love and care, I thank you. And I pray God’s blessings on you and yours in the years to come as you share in the mission and ministry of the Christian Church of Mid-America, together. So…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And now allow me to begin this new journey that God is placing before me….

Thank You!
and the Peace of the Season Bless you!…

G Mike Weinman, 
Regional Minister Team
Christian Church of Mid-America
Southwest Office