Youth from FCC Edwardsville Attend Bigstuf Camp


The Youth Group from First Christian Church in Edwardsville, Illinois recently attended a week at Bigstuf Camp in Panama City, Florida along with fifteen hundred youth from various churches across the United States.  Our annual trip to Bigstuf is one that the youth and adult sponsors look forward to attending.  We not only get to know one another better but we also witness some of the many ways that the Holy Spirit works in our lives and in the lives of others. 

While at Bigstuf, the youth attended morning and evening worship services, participated in small groups, and enjoyed time on the beach together.  The theme of Bigstuf 2017 was "Filters.”  The youth were exposed to lessons about how the filters we use in life change how we see people, each other, and the world.  They were encouraged to see different and to be different, to see others as Jesus saw others, and that the best things in life require a fight.  The youth also learned about making wise decisions, choosing friends that bring out the best in them, and that our actions speak loudly to others.  The speakers did a great job delivering the message to the youth, but it was also a great refresher for the adults in attendance.  


Following each of the worship sessions, the youth split up into small groups and discussed what they learned from the session.  It was great to hear them speak with one another about the many ways that they hope to impact the lives of others.  One of the ways the youth planned to impact others was to take what they learned at camp and do something with it back home.  Each of the youth left Bigstuf with a challenge card which contained a doable example of how they could filter Jesus to the people around them.  

We plan to attend Bigstuf in 2018 from June 4 through June 8.  Registration opens on September 14 if you have any youth that may be interested in joining us.  

Story and photos courtesy of FCC Edwardsville
Associate Minister Rev. Jeff Wrigley.