Chuukese Youth Rally

The 2018 Chuukese Youth Rally was held in St. Joseph June 28 - July 1. First Christian Church and Wyatt Park Christian Church housed the event. This year’s theme was, “Abide in Me,” based on John 15:1-16. Speakers and workshop leaders shared both the theological and practical understandings of the text. 

Local pastors from Chuukese Christian Church, Aies Philik and Nerleb Likisap, organized the rally which included worship, lively singing, fellowship, sports, and great food. 

Both the Regional Church of Mid-America and the General Church were present. Dr. Larry Colvin, Regional Minister, gave greetings and presented an outline of the theme. Terrell McTyler of Hope Partnership and Chung Seong Kim of North American Pacific/Asian Disciples also gave presentations. 

Article and photos by Dr. Larry Colvin