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Clergy 2014 Continuing Education reports due

All clergy are required to have their Continuing Educational Report in to the offices of the Christian Church of Mid-America, Springfield, 500 South Street, Springfield, MO 65806, by close of business on January 31. Or send the filled online form to

The report form can be found online here.

The policy for Continuing Education can be found here.

Continuing Education is a necessary part of all professionals.  This will help us continue to keep up with changes in direction of ministries.  Anyone who has served the Church knows that the Church today acts differently from the Church of twenty years ago…are you prepared?

Part of the Continuing Education requirement is to have a course in Boundary Training.  Programs are provide each year through Mid-America Center for Ministry (MCM) and Eden Theological Seminary.  This course is required every five years.  The dates for 2015 are:

Eden Theological Seminary                February 6

MCM, Springfield, Central CC             March 21

MCM, Brookfield, First CC                  October 3

 You may register for the Mid-America Center for Ministry courses at

[Please note at this writing the dates are not in the narrative on the page,

but you can find them in the online registration.]

 For Eden Seminary in St. Louis – contact Chris Davis at