Boundary Training


We are created in and for relationships.  Life-enriching relationships, whether with intimate partners, family, friends, colleagues or parishioners, require healthy boundaries.  This workshop explores the meaning and practice of healthy boundaries in the context of ministry.  It will also identify the signs, dangers, and preventions of boundary violations, including those in today’s social media.  The workshop begins with an assumption that the complexity of relational dynamics in the congregation is one of its greatest possibilities and its greatest challenges for ministry.

Clergy with active ministerial standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) must participate in such a boundary training session every three years. The registration fee includes lunch and all distributed materials.

Scheduled sessions:

  • July 10, 2019 at Central CC in Springfield (1475 N. Washington Ave. 65802)
    9 am to 3 pm, $55, Rev. Katrina Palan, instructor. Register online now
    This is a second level “Boundaries & Beyond” course, requiring previous participation in a first level course. It will cover topics such as boundaries & internet, social media, self-care, and privilege & responsibility.

  • July 22-23, 2019 at General Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa. Register through the Assembly website. To receive the required credit, clergy must attend Sessions 1 & 2 on Monday AND Sessions 1 & 2 on Tuesday. Monday sessions are for clergy only, but laity is invited for the Tuesday sessions.

  • November 2, 2019 at First Christian Church in Jefferson City (327 E Capitol Ave, 65101)
    9 am to 3 pm, $55, Rev. Donna Rose-Heim, instructor. Register online now

Mail-in registration form: Word format - pdf format

The Missouri Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ also offers boundary training that fulfills the Disciples requirement. Find their schedule here.

Online Boundary Training

Mid-America clergy now have available to them an online option for boundary training. Thanks to our friends in the Upper Midwest Region, we have access to the Wesley Theological Seminary's Lewis Center for Church Leadership program. It was originally created as a United Methodist program, but has been approved by our Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry as meeting our training requirements.

The cost is $49. Participants have 60 days to complete the training once you register and begin. Upon completion, your work will be reviewed. If approved, your certificate of completion will be emailed to you. You should then forward it to the Western Office at

Learn more and get started here.