How We Serve



CCMA is envisioned as a continuously developing network of relationships that includes broader and deeper participation by congregations, ministers, and laity in congregational clusters, learning communities and shared missions and ministries.


CCMA’s mission is to resource and support congregations, individually and collectively, as they seek to be more faithful, effective, and sustainable in the mission to which God calls us.


In keeping with Ephesians 4:11-12, CCMA also affirms the core values of true community (mutual support and accountability), deep Christian spirituality, and a passion for justice.

Click here for a downloadable version of this CCMA Ministry map.

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Each Co-Regional Minister serves in his/her assigned part of the Region in the following ways:

  • Serves as pastor for the clergy and their families
  • Relates to the congregations and facilitates the search and call process for them
  • Attends clergy cluster meetings
  • Supports the Ordination Nurture Teams and the Commissioned Minister Team, and attends the Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry meetings
  • Conducts ordinations and installations of ministers
  • Facilitates our ecumenical/interfaith relationships
  • Liaison to our Disciples/UCC schools and General Church ministries
  • Visioning for the Region

For additional ministries in our Region, please contact the following Co-Regional Minister:

  • Administration – Penny Ross-Corona
  • African American Convocation – Paul Koch
  • Alliance Q – Larry Colvin
  • Annual Fund – Penny Ross-Corona
  • Clergy crisis fund – Katrina Palan
  • Clergy record keeping – Katrina Palan
  • Communications – Penny Ross-Corona
  • Disciples Care Team – Larry Colvin
  • Disciples Women – Katrina Palan
  • Finances (record keeping and budget committee) – Penny Ross-Corona
  • General Church Search and Call system liaison – Katrina Palan
  • Greater Kansas City Region partnerships – Larry Colvin
  • Leader development – Paul Koch
  • Men’s ministries – Paul Koch
  • Mission and Ministry Council (including disaster preparedness and volunteers in mission) –  Katrina Palan
  • Mission co-worker visits (Global Ministries) – Larry Colvin
  • New church starts – Larry Colvin
  • Personnel committee – Penny Ross-Corona
  • Properties – Penny Ross-Corona
  • Reconciliation Ministries – Paul Koch
  • Regional Board (including Executive Committee and Regional Assembly business) – Penny Ross-Corona
  • Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry (including Committee on Ethics and Discipline, Regional Response Team, the General Church Commission on Ministry and Office of Christian Vocation) – Katrina Palan
  • Rural congregations – Larry Colvin
  • Senior’s ministry  - Paul Koch
  • Small congregations – Larry Colvin
  • Special Day offerings – Penny Ross-Corona
  • Transformational and sustainable church opportunities – Larry Colvin
  • United Church of Christ partnerships – Paul Koch
  • Youth and outdoor ministries (including CRY) – Paul Koch
  • Wider Church relationships (including General Board, College of Regional Ministers, and Heartland Cluster) – Penny Ross-Corona