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This sermon was written by Rev John Yonker.  It is part personal testimony and a call for all members of our congregations to embrace and join the anti-racism work being done by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  It was written to be shared with clergy and all are free to use any part of this sermon and to modify as necessary to make it their own. Of course, modifications should be acknowledged by the editor and not attributed to the original author.

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We seek to become an anti-racist, multi-cultural region that is a fully inclusive, transformed church, where racial and cultural differences are seen as assets. Reconciliation Ministry is a ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Its aim is the formation of leadership to facilitate the long-term process of collective identity transformation within the Disciples community. Although its ministry focuses on the eradication of systemic racism, it is clear that this task cannot be accomplished without the transformation of individual lives and the fostering of dialogue among people. The mission of Reconciliation is to nurture the wholeness of the church by dismantling systemic racism and other oppressive structures toward becoming a church that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality, and passion for justice. This ministry is accomplished through organizing, education, and advocacy.

The Mid-America Region PR/AR Team was formed in 1999. The Team Co-Chairs are Phil Smith and Rev. Margie Pride. Since that time, it has changed and grown. The team has lead presentations and workshops at congregations throughout the Region, as well as at Elder Institutes, at a SEGA Youth event and at the Christian Regional Youth (CRY) Festival, African American Convocation and Area Board meetings. Stay tuned for more information about these groups!

The team’s first Regional Training event was held at Rickman Center in April 2006. There, a large number of those who attended formed their own Area Departments: the Northeast Area PR/AR Group; and the Southeast Gateway Area PR/AR Team. Some of these members have become part of the Regional team.

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