Leadership Development 

Apply for a Leadership Development rebate grant

The Mid-America Leadership Development Team supports and nurtures the relational authority of Regional Disciples leaders by providing and promoting resources, events, grants, training, and retreats to increase congregational identity, connection, and vitality toward fulfilling our mutual mission and ministry. 

To help us live out this vision as a collective group of inspiring pastor leaders, we are starting a databank, to be made freely available, of leadership skills, training and expertise that exists among us.  To get us started, please give us the title and subtitle of your doctoral dissertation or project, master's thesis or any book you have written.  Please also include your name, and how you can best be reached by any in the region who want to learn more. These will be arranged by subject for easy access.  More prompts will be coming as we get started.  Please send these to Regional Minister Paul Koch at paul.ccma@sbcglobal.net

For example I will start:

Category: Men's Ministry

"When the Gym Is a Man's Church: Spiritual Quests for Identity, Discipline and Community by Paul Koch, Eden Theological Seminary, D.Min. 2007.  paul.ccma@sbcglobal.net, 636-221-7065 (phone optional).