Disciples Care Team

At its Regional Assembly in October 2012, the Mid-America Assembly affirmed the work and ministry of the Mid-America Disciples Care Team, commissioning Care Team members to engage in a Region-wide ministry to provide contact and care with our congregations.

When fully implemented, each Disciples congregation in Mid-America will have a Care Team member assigned to them. Following is a bit more information about your Disciples Care Team. 

Mission Statement for the Disciples Care Team

With the Love of Christ as our foundation, the Disciples Care Team of the Christian Church of Mid-America will engage in the covenantal ministries of contact and care through listening, relationships, collegiality, hospitality and unity.

The Disciples Care Team is Designed to:

  • Extend the reach of the Regional Ministry Team and assist in putting a “face” on Regional ministry and ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);

  • Provide a presence of the Region in ministers’ lives and ultimately within congregations.

  • Extend prayer for and care and concern to more persons than the Regional Ministry Team can provide;

  • Enable a spiritual, prayerful, and transformational presence in support of ministers and congregations;

  • Enable a greater sense of identity and oneness for ministers and congregations served.

Congregations are encouraged to:

  • Welcome the Disciples Care Team member in worship when he/she visits.

  • Invite the Disciples Care Team member to your congregation’s celebrations and special events within the life of the congregation;

  • Invite your Disciples Care Team member to preach or bring greetings and updates for your congregation;

  • Include your Disciples Care Team member's name on your newsletter and electronic communication mailing lists;

  • Keep your Disciples Care Team member's name on your prayer lists;

  • Keep your minister and congregation, our Mid-America Minister Team, your Disciples Care Team, and the ministries of Mid-America and the wider Church in your prayers.

Mid-America clergy are invited to recommend potential volunteers to serve in this ministry by contacting Regional Minister Ron Routledge at ron.ccma@sbcglobal.net.