Older Adult Ministries

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An NBA grant-funded project of
the Mid-America Region 

Critical ministry questions: How do we recognize, honor and utilize the experience, wisdom, and gifts of older adults in our churches? How do we develop ministries that integrate and weave multiple generations together spiritually? How do we find meaningful ways for older adults to live as faithful disciples thru liturgy, study, service, witness, and community?

Statement of need: Older adults have a legacy to give and a lifetime of experiences to share. The elderly can and do regain significant influence in their lives when they are involved with others. By working with older adults and enabling them to be advocates for their own successful aging, we all have much to gain.

Mission purpose: The project offers a three-phase process of exploring older adults’ physical and spiritual needs and wishes; and assessing the congregations’ priorities in developing new ministry programs for older adults, by raising awareness about aging, addressing biblical perspectives and exploring new ministry models for the elderly.

Description: Our Disciples National Benevolent Association (NBA) awarded a 2019 grant to the three-year-old Older Adult Ministries program in our Region. The proposal was sponsored by the Lake Ozark Christian Church. The Older Adult Ministries program has already worked with over 20 congregations in our Region. The grant now allows us to expand the program to reach many more congregations. Congregations are invited to participate. The cost to the host church is just $150 total, and participants attend free.

Several churches are working on their participation plans. Congregations who participate will receive the newly published resource, “Age-Friendly Congregations” co-authored by Jan Aerie. This resource is free, thanks to the NBA grant. Jan Aerie, family counselor and gerontologist, is coordinating the ministry grant. She has written and led numerous workshops and programs for faith groups and secular service organizations in many states.

Contact: Churches who wish to participate as a host church are being invited to apply by contacting Regional Minister, Rev. Dr. Paul Koch at 636-221-7065 or paul.ccma@sbcglobal.net.

Find our upcoming workshop events here.

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