Disciples Women

Ask any pastor who has served for any length of time which organization in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)  does more for missions and without hesitation you will hear, “Disciples Women!”  (Formerly known as the Christian Women’s Fellowship)  Beyond benevolence work, however, Disciples Women are also about helping women to become more fully who they are in Christ and bring their voice and energy to help shape the Church’s future.

We are NOT a safe club for little ladies to play church. We are smart. We are brave. We want to change the world. As women we can offer strategic leadership, wisdom, counsel, teaching, and preaching. We want to give and serve and make a difference. We want to be challenged. We want to read books and talk politics, theology, and current events. We want to wrestle through our theology. We want to listen to each other. We want to worship, we want to intercede for our sisters and weep with those who weep, rejoice with those that rejoice, to create life and art and justice with intention. We strive to be a community of women, gathered together to live more whole-heartedly, to sharpen, challenge, love, and inspire one another to then scatter back out to our worlds bearing the mandate to be women that love. (adapted from an article by Sarah Bessey)