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Bridgeton Fund Grant Applications Due

The Bridgeton Christian Church Fund is an endowment created by the former Bridgeton Christian Church when it closed in 1995. Purpose of the fund, as stipulated by the congregation, is three-fold: To meet monetary shortfalls due to unexpected strife in a church; To help a church underwrite “revitalization/renewal” of its congregation; To help meet property/structural damage caused by an act of God or other circumstances and not caused by neglect.

Any Mid-America congregation may apply for a 2017 grant. The committee will meet in late January to determine whether the year-ending balance in the fund warrants grants without jeopardizing the growth of the fund as stipulated by the donors. This year, funds are also being designated for a Region-wide revitalization effort. This will reduce the amount of funds available to individual congregations for specific projects. Completed applications are due to the Southeast Gateway office by January 31, 2017. Find more information and the application here.