The Ministry of the Garden

At least four of our Mid-America churches have been hard at work this summer tending gardens and sharing what they’ve grown throughout their congregations and their wider communities. This is a great ministry that brings church members of all ages together utilizing their talents, makes a beautiful and productive use of even a small amount of available green space, and gets fresh and healthy produce to hungry people across Missouri!

First Christian Church in Kennett is having a great time tending their community garden. Members are welcome to enjoy the bountiful harvest and pick an equal amount for a local organization like Helping Hand.

Find more pictures of gardening in Kennett here.

Jesus turned water into wine, but Webster Groves Christian Church has turned tomatoes into mission. The children of WGCC planted tomatoes in a raised bed near one of the courtyards of the church in early May. Throughout the summer they have slowly been harvesting the large, Roma and Sweetheart tomatoes. (When a Sweetheart tomato is cut in half it looks like a heart.) Baskets of fresh, homegrown tomatoes are being shared weekly, sometimes twice a week with our Mission Partners at Webster- Rock Hill Ministries and Memorial Boulevard Christian Church. These two Mission Partners have food pantries where hungry neighbors can get canned and packaged food for their families. “Having fresh homegrown tomatoes is a treat for our families.” says Ed Johnson, Executive Director of Webster Rock Hill Ministries. This project has allowed WGCC to have an intergenerational project that focuses on taking care of the earth and our neighbors, while working together as a church family to meet the needs of our neighbors one tomato at a time.

The Community Garden at Broadway Christian Church was featured recently by Missouri’s Urban Pioneer. Read the whole story here.

The bounty of Abbey Road Christian Church’s community garden is available to all members to use and share.

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