Woodson Chapel CC Youth Raise over $5,000 for a Well in Uganda

Congratulations to the youth of Woodson Chapel Christian Church in St. Joseph! They learned of the need for drinking water wells in Africa when one of their mothers visited there last summer, and they got to work!

They raised the funds by making a well to put in the entryway for people to drop their change in, holding a trivia night, arranging a garage sale, and fixing the lunch at the church's retreat weekend in February.

After seven months of work, they reached their goal with their Way to the Well 5K - Walk for Clean Water at a local high school track. With about 70 participants including walkers and those who couldn't walk supporting, the event raised over $2,500 and put the group up to their goal.


Pastor Lois Kelley is very proud of the youth who did all the planning and most of the work involved with this project of supplying clean drinking water to a village in Uganda through Living Water International.

Great job!