FCC Maryville Member Organizes Faith Run

Having just graduated high school and wanting to help youth like herself focus on everyday faith into the next phase of their lives, FCC's Angie Meyers organized the Faith Run in Maryville.

As reported by the Maryville Daily Forum, Meyers said, "An idea came to me when I was at a meeting for church camp and the guys at the meeting asked everyone how to keep the youth engaged with church," Meyers said. "I was thinking about the fact that kids like to be active. I wanted to find a way to exercise and grow in our faith at the same time." 

More than 50 youth participated in the event, which took place from 10pm to midnight on August 7th, and began with a prayer circle before the 5K of walking/running.

Members of the church helped out by serving at water stations and as crossing guards and 'sweepers' to make sure all were safe. The Maryville Police Department was also on hand to help navigate the crossing of Main Street.



There is talk of this perhaps becoming an annual event. Way to go, Angie and the active and faithful youth of Maryville!

Read the full Maryville Daily Forum story here.
Thanks to Lisa Smeltzer and
Sue Schenkel
for information and photos.