FCC Edwardsville Missions

The youth group from First Christian Church of Edwardsville just returned from a mission trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  They are so grateful to have had the opportunity to stay at First Christian Church of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The congregation was so amazing and the hospitality was fantastic.  It was nice to learn the history of that church and the significance it played in getting the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  

Half of our youth group cleaned a transitional apartment at SevenHills Homeless Center.  The other half organized the warehouse and painted the men’s dorm room at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter.  Our youth worked very hard and brought smiles to many faces as well as gave them hope where they thought there wasn’t any.  

Each of our youth found this trip inspirational in their own individual way.  We hope that this begins a lifelong journey of walking with Christ and serving others in whatever capacity we are able.                             Story and photos courtesy of Associate Minister Jeff Wrigley.


The congregation also just held a Souper Bowl of Caring where they shared a meal and collected much needed food items for their local food pantry. Participants were invited to dress in their favorite team jersey and participate in some fun activities to get ready for the big game.


Another current mission project for the congregation is the adoption of a bedroom for updating/redecorating at Good Samaritan House. The work weekend is scheduled for March 11-13 and will include the demolition phase, then new flooring, paint, and furniture!

Looks like they're putting Mission First!