Farmington CC Delivering Hope to St. Francois County


In 2016 the Farmington Christian Church joined nine other Farmington churches to participate in Rural Compassion/Convoy of Hope.  Convoy of Hope is a “faith-based, nonprofit organization…” based in Springfield, MO with a goal to “bring help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry, and hurting.” Convoy of Hope’s mission is “to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response.” 


Under the leadership of FCC’s Executive Council and Outreach Division, area agencies were selected as our partners. For example, the following agencies receive food, paper supplies, toys, cleaning supplies, snacks, water, drinks, and more. These shipments arrive about every two months, and our church inventories and delivers the supplies to our partner agencies:

  • W.L. Johns in the Farmington R-7 Schools (this school is for high school students who have       struggled in the regular classrooms) They enjoy snacks, drinks, etc. Not only have the students appreciated the items, but also the recipients in turn have shared with others. 
  • Jefferson Elementary in the same district  (1st-4th graders) Fun day with 1st graders in the Spring—students were given toy watering cans to water the plants they had just planted.
  • Farmington Skate Park. This park is a very popular gathering spot. In addition to recreation, there are Bible studies after school. Again, the leaders of the park find the “goodies” a drawing card for the skaters. In addition, FCC sponsors an after-school Bible study in each of the elementary-junior high schools, and the food delivered by Convoy of Hope nourishes the students just as the Bible study nourishes their faith in Jesus and God.
  • Additionally supplies have been shared with other agencies: Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center and Shared Blessings.

In conclusion, FCC is partnered with Convoy of Hope in sharing donated supplies ranging from food to toys to cleaning supplies, etc. with our “adopted” community friends.   We pray that other churches research Convoy of Hope and join us in “opening doors for education, clean water, sense of hope.”

After a successful 2016, FCC signed up for 2017-18. 

Thank you to Marlene Ragland,  Kim Amsden, and
Pastor Russell Alexander for this information.

Updated 10/09/2017 11:55am