World’s Largest Christmas Stocking


First Christian Church in Sedalia’s team has the new world record stocking!! We unveiled the worlds largest stocking to a crowd of over 300 people at the Mathewson center on December 19th. Official measurements were taken by a certified agent and results are being sent to Guinness book. 



The Guinness World Record’s largest Christmas stocking was held in Carrara, Tuscany, Italy since 2015. To win the title back to the USA and small town America, Sedalia, MO, the stocking needed to measure more than 168 feet 4.65 inches in length and 70 feet 11.57 inches in width (heel to toe). When I was approached by Charlie Thomas, radio host from our local radio station KDRO about this project, I immediately became very excited about being involved. Mr. Thomas knew the reputation of our congregation as being very involved in outreach and leadership in our community. He reached out to the Outreach Team of First Christian Church to be the design and sewing team for the project.


The stocking was made in conjunction with the Community Santa project that has been in existence approximately 35 years in Pettis County. The Community Santa provides toys, books and games, donated by individuals from Sedalia and surrounding area, for more than 1200 children, elderly and the disabled every year. Persons receiving assistance fall below the poverty level guidelines designed by the Department of Family Services. Community Santa, KDRO and the Sedalia Democrat (our local newspaper) used the production of the stocking to help stimulate more participation from the community in giving toys so that every child in our community has the promise of a magical day.

First Christian Church, Sedalia, MO (Disciples of Christ) has adopted a vision, “Spirit Guided, Mission Minded.” We are encouraged to develop ministries that enhance relationships with our community, whether it be within our church or beyond our doors. This project has provided opportunity for our church to work with businesses, individuals and media in our community and develop new relationships between our own members. New relationships have developed between intergenerational persons ranging from 94 years old to 8 years old.

JoDee Buso
Outreach Team Leader
First Christian Church
Sedalia, MO