Don't Miss Ministries With and For Older Adults Programs

Choosing a priority of focus, balance and flexibility in our mission and ministry as care-ers is exemplified by an activity with feathers in a session last year.

Older adults have a lifetime of experiences to share. By working with older adults and enabling them to be advocates for their own successful aging, we all have much to gain. Mid-America Region’s training process identifies priority social issues for older adults, and offers a forum for these views to be a catalyst for service by congregations.

The Rickman Legacy Leadership Development Fund is providing funding for the second year of leadership training for churches across the Region who wish to address their older adult population with pro-active steps. Jan Aerie is leading programs this fall at three sites:

  • Millersburg Christian Church, September 30, worship at 10:30am and continuing 1 – 3 pm

  • Monroe City Christian Church, October 13, 10am – 3pm (note this time change from previous schedule)

  • First Christian Church, Mt Vernon, Oct 27, 9am - 1pm

Each of the sessions is unique, but all explore biblical perspectives on aging and ways congregations can minister with older adults.

Millersburg’s program will emphasize tips for managing personal loss and learning strategies for facing fears and anxiety. The second section is a discussion of ministry models for all congregation sizes.

Monroe City will emphasize caregiving and care-receiving of older adults, by discussing managing worries about aging parents, and balancing priorities in the family. Then intergenerational ministry models will be explored.

Mt Vernon will delve into ways to plan for individuals’ change and transitions, and how to become wise while sharing our life’s gifts. Steps in developing ministry models will also be discussed.

A participant in one of last year’s programs reported, “I learned about how to look beyond my limitations; and the importance of remaining flexible and focused.” A pastor reported, “Older adults struggle with changes when they feel they are not needed or included.” Program participants were empowered to advocate for older adults. They found their voice in conceiving of their church’s ministry outreach while affirming older adults’ challenges and joys. 

The events are free of charge to all congregations, but registration is required.

If you are interested in holding a program or have questions, contact
Paul Koch at: or 636.221.7065
Or Jan Aerie, or 216.870.1557
Register online now.

Thanks to Jan Aerie for this information and photo.