Sermon Series for Mission in Mexico

Last month First Christian Church in Mexico started what will be one of 6 mission interviews throughout 2019.

We have six agencies in Mexico that I am interviewing during the sermon time. This past Sunday We interviewed Angel Wings Clothing Closet. Angel wings provide clothing for foster families at no cost. 

Jody Dishman runs the agency and she shared her story and how Angel Wings Works. At the end of the service we had several people sign up wanting to to attend a meeting to find out more about how our church can help.

The following are the questions we are asking each agency.

  • What is your Title? What Do you Do?

  • · How does the process work?

  • · Can you explain your call to do what you do?

  • · Blessings you have received AND been part of?

  • · If we give your group money what happens with it?

  • · How can we help in ways that do not involve money? What are more Hands on things you need help with?

To see Pastor Zane’s whole interview with Jody, please view the service recording on their Facebook page. The interview itself begins at about the 26 minute mark.

Thank you to Rev. Zane Whorton for this story.