Chicken Pies for Mission!

The First Christian Church of Brookfield recently hosted their 116th Annual “Chicken Pie Supper” on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019! 

The Chicken Pie Supper began in the early 1900’s as a weekly dinner served every Saturday night, while the stores were open, for 25 cents a pie. These early dinners helped the congregation of that time fund and build the Linn Street Building in 1907. The Chicken Pie Supper later became a yearly tradition for the First Christian Church of Brookfield. Preparations for the supper begin a week ahead as they prepare pie crusts, make slaw, peel potatoes, cook chicken, prepare the chicken and finally assemble the pies. 

This year the group made 100 Chicken Pies and served people in their fellowship hall during the event, as well as made deliveries and filled to-go orders throughout the evening. The Annual “Chicken Pie Supper” has become a community favorite and our local church is know for its delicious Chicken Pies!  All proceeds from the supper go towards the Missions of the Disciples Women’s Ministry as they support God’s work both locally and around the world.

Thanks to Pastor Mandy Wiedeman for this story and photos.