Cleaning Up Community

Hundreds of people from across our community spectrum came out to Community Christian Church in Jefferson City for two days of storm cleanup this past weekend. Transformation has begun and what a difference hundreds of hands (times two) can make. 

The canopy of trees surrounding the church was largely decimated so a great deal of limb and brush clearing was necessary, which needed to be separated from the asphalt tiles, insulation and fiberglass debris from across the vicinity mixed in. Shards of glass littered the lawn which had to be extracted with fine tools and gloved hands.  

Volunteers were not able to work in the church building until evaluation reports from structural engineers and asbestos abatement teams were in, but there was plenty to do outside. Once reports are in, the congregation will evaluate and announce next steps with prayerful consideration. Temporary worship and office space have been secured.

Shout out to South Calloway HS students and coaches who came out on their first day of vacation to help in the cleanup effort, the Firley YMCA whose staff cleared pieces of glass across the parking lot so volunteers could come, the several churches who were represented, Affordable Towing who appeared to remove fencing, an anonymous donor who left a big check, and love 2 nourish that fed all. 

The prior Wednesday, Rev. Dr. Paul Koch, Regional Minister, led the Community folks in Way of Council Healing Circles. This was preceded by a community-wide prayer service held at First Christian Church on Sunday. Both were widely attended.

On Thursday, June 6 at 3:00 at Second Christian Church in Jefferson City, a brief "Acts of God" Celebration Service to offer thanksgiving for all recovery volunteers, the resilience of the Community Disciples, and all churches who have lent assistance, prayers and donated to Week of Compassion will take place. All are invited.  Rev. Terri Hord Owens, General Minister and President; Vy Nguyen, Executive Director of Week of Compassion; and Josh Baird, Director of Disciples Volunteering will be on hand to offer praise and to thank all personally. During the service, congregations and all persons affected by floods and the tornadoes will be lifted up.  

Story and photos by Regional Minister Paul Koch.