Time for Planning is Now...Continuing Education

Dr. G Mike Weinman, Mid-America Ministry Team, RCOM Coordinator

 In September, I participated in the Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation Leadership Academy taking the learning community for Interim Ministry Network Training.  Leigh Early, a seasons Interim and trainer for IMN, was the convener.  After much conversation those in attendance urged Lee and Hope Partnership to continue the Interim Training within the Academy program.  The full program will now be offered during the Leadership Academy, 2015.

 As Leigh explained in an email to the previous participants:

 In February [2015] we will hold another 3-day course -- just like we did in September [2014].  Same cost -- $750.00 includes room, meals, IMN materials, training and a year’s membership for Interim Ministry Network.  That is a much better deal than any of the IMN sponsored events.  SO WE NEED YOUR HELP letting your friends know about this event, and your perception of its value.  This is open to anyone Disciples, UCC, or any other denomination as long as they realize it is part of a larger Disciples of Christ event.  Naturally it will offer the same kind of schedule with Evening Meal, Lodging and opening worship on Monday Evening, opportunity for a couple extra workshops, and the full IMN FTML course.  Meal and lodging continues through Friday morning Breakfast.  The larger group also arranges transportation to and from the airport for anyone who flies, saving even more money.  All in all it is a great deal, so tell your friends.  The dates are February 23-27, 2015  (The IMN course Starts after Breakfast on Tuesday February 24 and concludes before the evening meal Thursday Feb 26th)

ALSO in September we are offering a five day course, the second course called: Fundamentals for Transitional Ministry: The Work of The Congregation.  Because our time frame is longer than the Hope Partnership Leadership Academy we will need to start on Monday after breakfast, and will conclude Friday Afternoon.  Details are not finalized yet, … But if the hotel price holds, and we can figure out two lunches we will be able to offer this course for about $1,150 or no more than $1,200.  That cost includes room, meals, and tuition for the Interim Ministry Training, and the cost of fieldwork (which is the next 5-6 months).  A regular IMN sponsored event costs $1190.00 for tuition plus meals, and lodging.  So again as you can see this is a great deal.  Again anyone can register, even people who have had the 3 day course from an IMN course.  Again, WE NEED YOUR HELP getting the word our, about this event.  

 Registration for the February event is open now.  The September event will not officially be open for registration until after the February Event, but anyone interest can begin the IMN portion (Reading and a form) anytime by emailing me.  leighearley@sbcglobal.net.

 We are hoping to have small scholarships available from ADIIM, especially for Disciples but not limited to Disciples.  We are still working out the details.

 I would also remind Disciples Pastors that there may be scholarship help available from your region or from DHM, but applications and requests need to be in sooner rather than later.

The transition period between resident pastors is a most important time in the life of any congregation.  But, periods of transition can take place many times within a year of a congregation’s life.  Yes, IMN training is for those who want to be proficient helping congregations through the between time transitions.   Yet, I want to say to all clergy, this training will help at all times in your ministry.  Whether you want to do Interims at some point later in your career, this training with its transitional understandings will help you NOW. 

If you have questions about this program, please look at the web page for IMN… www.imnedu.org , or contact Mike Weinman, mike-olaccma@sbcglobal.net ,


Information for the Hope Partnership Leadership Academy… http://www.hopepmt.org/transform/leadership-academy