A Letter from our Moderator about CCMA's Restructure

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America
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May 20, 2015

Vision:           CCMA is envisioned as a continuously developing network of relationships that includes broader and deeper participation by congregations, ministers, and laity in congregational clusters, learning communities and shared missions and ministries.


Mission:        CCMA’s mission is to resource and support congregations, individually and collectively, as they seek to be more faithful, effective, and sustainable in the mission to which God calls us.


Values:          In keeping with Ephesians 4:11-12, CCMA also affirms the core values of true community (mutual support and accountability), deep Christian spirituality, and a passion for justice.

Welcome to the new Mid-America!  If all goes as currently planned, effective January 1, 2016, our current four Areas will have merged all their operations into the Christian Church of Mid America.  As many of you are aware, we have been deeply engaged in a process of transformation for the past five years.  Please take note of our vision, mission and values printed at the top of this page.

Many congregations have experienced their most direct support from their respective Area; please know that it is our strong commitment to continue (and multiply) these ministries!

We have been moving as rapidly as we can to a network model of mission and ministry in Mid America (see the Vision!).  That has meant moving away from a staff and program-driven “hub and spoke” model of middle judicatory.  It takes time (more than it should!) to “de-layer” much of what we do.  Beginning in January, 2016, the decks will (finally) be cleared for us to direct our full energies into fostering and jump-starting networks of ministries and missions throughout Mid America.  We can, and will, do more—much more—with less!

We need your help with financial support!  Todd Adams, our Associate General Minister and Vice-President, put it very simply:  “Congregations in the Mid-America region can choose to continue their area giving as a designated gift to the region, not subject to the DMF allocation formula.  These congregations should also make a gift to DMF….Designated gifts do not have a negative impact on the region’s distribution via DMF.”

What congregations have given in the past to their Area needs to be continued (and enhanced if possible).  On the “remittance form” which will be provided to all congregations (to send to OGMP Treasury Services in Indianapolis), the line “Mid America Ministries (formerly known as Area Support),” will insure that 100% of former Area giving returns to the Mid America region for the ongoing support of those ministries formerly associated with our Areas.

We certainly want all of our Mid America congregations to continue (and enhance if possible) their financial support of our Disciples Mission Fund, which underwrites important ministries and missions of the general church.  As you know, approximately 43% of these funds return to the Mid America region.

We have made a good beginning in realizing our vision, mission and values!  Hopefully, everyone has been to our new website: http://www.mid-americadisciples.org/  We have new resource teams up and running:  Youth and Outdoor Ministries; Pro-Reconciliation/Anti Racism; Disciples Care Team.  Regional Commissions (like Mission and Unity and New Church/Vital Church) are exploring ways to support current initiatives and those being created by new networks forming among Mid-America Disciples. Disciples Women’s Ministries, which pioneered the network model for us all, continues its alive and vibrant work.  The Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry, as well as Search and Call support for congregations are on-going.

Welcome to the new Mid-America!

Guy Adams, Mid-America Moderator
ill Rose-Heim, Penny Ross-Corona, Kris Tenny-Brittian, Mike Weinman, Mid-America Ministry Team

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