Christmas Tableau at Wyatt Park CC

Wyatt Park Christian Church (St. Joseph) presented its 26th annual Christmas Tableau drive-thru living nativity December 9-10, 6:30-8:30PM. Ten scenes depicted the story of the birth of Jesus beginning with a prophet of old, and ending with two families: a peasant family in Jesus' day and a modern family, both touched by the story of our Savior's birth. In between were scenes depicting visits by angels, Caesar, shepherds, the inn, and of course, the stable.

There were live animals along with dozens of people in costume and many more people working behind the scenes. As cars entered, they were given a CD that features a reading of the Scripture passage depicted in each scene. Hundreds of people came through Tableau each evening, and the living nativity had to be extended almost 30 minutes beyond the advertised closing time both nights to accommodate the crowd.

Story and photos courtesy of pastor Scott Killgore.