Congratulations, John Bennett!

Rev. Dr. John Bennett was given a surprise honor at the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. service held at Second Baptist Church in Jefferson City on Sunday, January 22.  After John's remarkable sermon that he gave to the crowd, pastor Rev. Cornell C. Sudduth, Sr. gave these remarks: "For his tireless life-long devotion to peace and justice, and most recently for his sacrificial act of civil-disobedience fighting for Medicaid expansion in Missouri as part of the "Medicaid 23" Rev. Dr. John Bennett has been awarded the first ever distinction of being "A Drum Major for Justice" - bestowed by SBC."  

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Bennett said he had nothing to say except that he was about to cry.  Dr. Paul Koch, RMT and Rev. Beau Underwood, pastor of FCC-Jefferson were proud to represent the region to acknowledge John's honor.

Left to right: Rev. Dr. Rodney E. Williams, Rev. Dr. John Bennett, Rev. W. T. Edmondson.

Note: Original caption excluded Rev. Edmondson and included Rev. Sudduth in the photo in error.