Thanks to Our Unsung Heroes

We on the Regional Minister Team affirm that the greatest honor and privilege we have in our capacity to serve God and Christ’s Church is to be a pastor to the pastor.  As a collective body, there are few more dedicated servants, overworked achievers, underpaid givers, and compassionate healers than those who sacrifice income and hours for layers of education and authorization. They sometimes attend to parish needs over their family’s to accept and honor a call they heard from God by serving a local congregation.  As the nation honors those whom it calls for service on multiple holidays a year and every public sporting event and concert, we in the church honor our Servants of the Cross – with not as much fanfare or retail discounts granted, but especially during this Ministerial Appreciation Month of October.

We say, “Thank you!” for your ministry in your congregation and to the Region of Mid-America.  We also encourage leaders in our churches to celebrate October 8-15 as the Week of the Ministry.  A kind word (by email, Facebook, or greeting card), a plate of cookies, a Starbucks gift card, or a simple handshake will go the second mile in brightening your minister’s heart who is beginning to stress over Advent liturgies and themes - and potentially add years to a joyous and faithful ministry together.

Thank you! to all of our Mid-America congregations who support your minister and ministry by also giving to the Region’s special offerings and appeals so we can “give it right back.”  God bless!!

Larry Colvin      Paul Koch      Penny Ross-Corona      G. Mike Weinman