Interactive Ash Wednesday and Lent at New Harmony CC

New Harmony Christian Church in Curryville has been observing Lent with activities for everyone. Ash Wednesday began with a very special service known as “Come … Be Still … Experience … and Know … Repent and Live”. 

This service was comprised of times of prayer, silence, meditative readings in scripture, music played to hear and embrace what was happening in that moment, and hands-on experiences so that the flock could revisit their personal time and relationship with God.   

There were stations set up for folk to move around freely at their own pace and in their own time to experience. Read Pastor Laura Beth Zeh's complete description of the stations.

During each Sunday's worship service throughout Lent, all were invited to spend some of the time coloring the large Stations of the Cross posters that will be presented at the Easter sunrise service.

Story and photos courtesy of
Pastor Laura Beth Zeh.