Studying "Beyond Resistance" in Bowling Green

Rev. Bruce Moeller, Transitional Pastor of FCC-Bowling Green is using the book, Beyond Resistance: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World by Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer to help the congregation in their interim discernment.  First Christian has appreciated that their adult Sunday school hour uses thought-provoking, theologically challenging, and timely material to help them grow in their faith and to help prepare them to be a stronger church for the future.  A large attendance each week bears this out.  This provides evidence that all congregations should not shy away from studies that don't just primarily reaffirm a comforting faith - and to have small group studies in the first place.  There is much hunger to learn no matter the size of the church or the community.

Discussions recently include reflection on the following statements:

  • "Postmoderns are highly suspect of organizations that want to justify their existence by condemning others."
  • "Postmoderns don't buy into the concept of 'joining' or becoming a 'member' of any organization."
  • "Postmoderns are samplers.  They want experiences that take them out of comfort zones, that expand world views, and that enrich lives."
  • "'Post-Christian' is not 'anti-Christian.'"

Dr. Dorhauer, a close friend of Rev. Moeller, is General Minister & President of the United Church of Christ and was formerly the St. Louis Association Minister of the Missouri Mid-South Conference

Dick Hamm, our former GMP, has written that the Postmodern era began when the modern era ended in 1968!  How "modern" are you and your church?

Story and photo courtesy of
Regional Minister Team Member Rev. Dr. Paul Koch.