News from the Colvins in Ghana

On June 10th in Accra we commissioned 20 of our students for two year probation at churches in Ghana, Togo, and Cote D’Ivore. They will be ordained in 2021. 

There was much singing, dancing, three offerings, and good food. The worship was four and three quarters hours. 

Long day. Debbie and I got up at 2:45 and left Peki around 5. Got home about 7 in the evening. 

Graduation for the 20 plus catechists, and music students will be in Peki June 29.

Our former Interim Regional Minister Rev. Dr. Larry Colvin and his wife Debbie are currently serving as mission co-workers through Global Ministries with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. Learn more about their appointment and supporting their work