Community Recess in Perry

Placing extreme value on community and fellowship, on Saturday, June 25, Perry Christian Church hosted the second annual Community Recess at the Bill Trower Memorial Park.  One may inquire, “What is a Community Recess?”  That is a great question and now for the answer. 

Recess as most of us know it is a break from doing something, like work or school. Almost everyone looks forward to taking a recess!! But recess comes from the Latin word recessus, meaning "a going back, retreat.” Ahhh retreat. Now you've got it! Community Recess is a time for the community to come together with their families for a day of fellowship and a special retreat for the children. By offering food, drinks, special games and willing workers, Perry Christian Church puts the emphasis on fellowship.

Of course, there is NO COST to attend!  However, any child who registered on-line was issued a ticket.  If they brought that ticket to Community Recess they received a free t-shirt.  Registering on-line helped determine how much food to prepare and the number of supplies needed for those who attended.  One did not have to register to attend Community Recess. 

As one might suspect everyone who attended knows that Community Recess was a great success.  It was an incredible day of fun, fellowship and food.  Even though an official count was never taken, it is estimated that at least 50 children and 20 adults attended this free event. Only ten (10) hot dogs were left from the one hundred (100) hot dogs prepared.  Approximately forty (40) games and activities were offered in which the children were allowed choose whether or not to participate.  Several found out how good they were at finding marbles in sand and putting them in a bucket…using only their toes.  Others found out how fast they could throw a baseball because they were able to have the speed of their fastball check by a radar gun!  Ever stacked nuts using a chopstick?  Those who attended had a chance to try their skills with the sticks!  Need a new tattoo to show off this summer? Young and old alike waited in line to get a temporary tattoo at Community Recess!  Summer is the perfect time to go fishing and those who attended had a chance to practice their casting skills.  Their reward was brightly colored plastic fish on their hooks, thanks to the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Everyone was welcome to play games and pick up give-aways at the Corp of Engineer Water Safety Display.  One would be remiss if the bounce house and inflatable slide that was added to this year’s event were not at least mentioned.  There was always a line at each of these with children waiting patiently for their turns.  No one threw a fuss when some of the younger children didn’t understand the waiting-in-line rule and jumped to the head of the line! 

Enough can’t be said for all of those who answered the call and showed up to volunteer. Without dedicated volunteers none of these activities could be possible.  It would be thoughtless if a thank you were not extended to all the people that could not make it but supported the event with their thoughts, donations and prayers.

Saturday morning started with the sound of thunder and the flashes of lightening.  Prayers were offered to God, “Moisture is needed and one would not want to sound ungrateful, but something good is trying to be done, could You hold off with the rain until 1:00?”  Comments were overheard where several volunteers had offered up similar prayers.  About 9:00 the clouds cleared, the sunshine came through and a slight breeze started blowing.  This continued for the remainder of the event.  At 1:00 when the cleaning up had started, several people noticed that the clouds were gathering overhead.  As individuals were driving away from the park, it started to rain.  Our God is such an awesome God!  And then some people say that God doesn’t answer prayers!  The following email was sent Saturday afternoon, “Unbelievable!!! Rain and storms all around us this morning and the sun shines with a light breeze. Exactly at 1:00PM the clouds roll in and the rains come down to bless the farmers. Praise God!! Is that a sign or what?”

We, the members of Perry Christian Church, are continually thankful for God's goodness.  Community Recess is our way of sharing our love for the Lord with the community and we appreciate the way this annual event has been accepted.

 Thanks to Transitional Minister Nancy Kellstrom for sending the story and photos as prepared by event organizers.