Elevator Dedicated in El Dorado Springs

first ride.png

First Christian Church in El Dorado Springs had been looking forward to this day for many years and, as of October 21, have completed the work and held a service of dedication for their newly installed elevator. The event included trustees, members, and pastor Jack Daniel, on all three levels of the building, participating in a responsive litany and prayers of thanksgiving and dedication for this equipment that makes the whole building accessible.

The $40,000 building project was made possible by the generous donations of more than thirty church members, as well as a Bridgeton Fund grant. Such grants are awarded annually (if possible, according to policy and market activity) based on applications received each January. The grants are intended to assist congregations with such projects which may be otherwise impossible due to budget constraints. Applications are due January 31st.

Thank you to Rev. Jack Daniel for this information and photos.