Rural Church Summit in Bolivar


Twenty-five clergy and laypersons gathered at First Christian Church in Bolivar for the third of four Rural Church Summits being conducted by Mid-America. Regional Ministers, Larry Colvin and Katrina Palan led the inter-active workshop.

The workshop emphasized the vitality rural congregations can bring to their communities. The gathered were reminded that the church we meet in the book of Acts brought hope and new life to people. There is much that can be learned from the first century church on two fronts. First, is the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ leads to new life in the whole community. Second, the twenty-first century church has a variety of technology to reach out. In short, the rural church is the frontline of the church universal.

The final Rural Church Summit will be held at Monroe City Christian Church on September 15.  Four hours continuing education for clergy.  Learn more and register.

Thanks to Dr. Larry Colivn for this information
and to Sara Compton for the photos.