Refugee Dinner at Abbey Road CC

Fasoulia, anyone? A scoop of mujadara? Abbey Road Christian Church in Cape Girardeau hosted an opportunity to sample these and other Syrian foods at a Refugee Dinner on Wednesday, June 19. During the week, ARCC member Jamie Kohler and Transitional Minister Doug Job participated in the Ration Challenge in support of Church World Service. Along with about 40,000 Challengers around the world, they ate the same rations that Syrian refugees in camp in Jordan receive: mostly rice with small amounts of flour, legumes, oil, and sardines. Using those same ingredients, the Refugee Dinner featured fasoulia (a kidney bean stew) mujadara (a preparation of lentils and rice), hummus, fried rice with sardines, lentil soup, rice milk bread, flatbreads, and falafel. The sardines tested palates, but falafel was popular! So far, Jamie and Doug have raised $2,217, which provides food, schooling, and medical care for refugees and enables CWS’s work with vulnerable people. Gifts in support may be made at or

Total raised in the US is over $350,000, and worldwide over $3 million!

Thanks to Rev. Doug Job for this
information and photos.