To the Least of These

Anil & Teresa Henry will be sharing concerning their medical ministry at Christian Hospital in Mungeli, India throughout the Region of Mid-America from September 22-30. Check out the opportunities to hear them (schedule below).

The Henrys had a lucrative medical practice in Nashville 13 years ago where Anil was a surgeon and Teresa was an anesthesiologist, but felt God calling them to serve the underserved. One of their favorite passages of scripture is Matthew 25:35-40 in which Jesus indicates that when we serve people who do not have power or standing in society, we serve Him. 

The Church of North India contacted Global Ministries*, requesting assistance to restore the 100 year old Christian Hospital and a school, both of which were started by missionaries. The institutions were about ready to close because of lack of personnel, teachers, and resources. After prayer, consultation with Global Ministries, and leaders in India, the Henrys answered the call. For the last 13 years, they have worked with the Church of North India and Global Ministries to restore and improve the hospital and school. They have developed a nursing program that has graduated three classes, added state of the art equipment at the hospital, enlarged the medical staff, and worked to open the school to many children who might not have had the opportunity to get an education. Each day, the staff attends morning devotions, during which they are reminded that when they serve the mostly poor who come to the hospital, outreach clinics and school, they serve Christ. 

When asked about what has inspired them, they indicate their faith and several favorite scripture passages. They also mention the movie and book City of Joy, about a doctor who experiences spiritual rebirth working in an impoverished section of Calcutta. 

While the Henrys work more hours for much less than they made in Nashville, they find great joy in this ministry. If you have the opportunity, attend one of their presentations to hear them share their joy in ministry. 

*Global Ministries is the missionary ministry of the Disciples and United Church of Christ. They work with existing denominations rather than starting a Disciples or UCC church. Learn more about the Henrys' work here.

Story courtesy of Sandi Mull.

September 25 - Compton Heights Christian Church 10am (worship) lunch & presentation after
September 26 - Jacksonville/Cairo Unity Church 10am
September 26 - First Christian Church of Edina 6pm
September 27 - First Christian Church of Lathrop 6pm
September 28 - First Christian Church of Maryville 6pm