Christian Ministries Scholarships Awarded

The Mid-America Disciples Women have awarded $7,500 in scholarships from the Christian Ministries Scholarship Fund for the 2014-2015 academic year. Congratulations to David Dubovich, a student at St. Paul School of theology working on a Doctorate in Revitalizing Congregations, Matthew Limback, a student at Phillips Theological Seminary working on a Masters of Arts in Ministry, and Geoffrey Weinman, a student at Phillips Theological Seminary working on a Masters of Divinity.



Says Matt of this opportunity, “My seminary education is essential to my call to continue to serve in rural areas in the Mid-America region and help congregations understand their potential and gain a hopeful future. This education would not be possible without the Christian Ministries Scholarship Fund. Because of the hard work of the Disciples Women in Mid-America, I am able to attend seminary without the burden of substantial student debt. Thank you is simply not enough, but I hope it expresses even a fraction of the gratitude I have for this scholarship fund and those that work to insure it continues.”



In response to his award, David Dubovich has a message for the committee and potential donors to the fund. “I would like to thank the Christian Ministries Scholarship Fund committee for awarding to me the scholarship as I pursue my Doctorate Degree at Saint Paul School of Theology in their Revitalizing Congregations track.  

I am grateful to each and every Women's Ministry group within the Mid-America Region who faithfully contribute as well as many individuals who make the scholarship fund possible.

Without your contributions, the scholarship fund would not be made possible for individuals like me to continue my education.  If you have thought of contributing to the Christian Ministries Scholarship Fund, don't delay.  You will be making a difference in someone's life in helping them to respond to their calling into Christian Ministry.

Again, I want to thank you for awarding the Christian Ministries Scholarship to me, and may God bless each of you in the work that God has called you to.”

Geoff would like to say “Thank you” Mid-America Disciples Women and the Christian Ministries Scholarship Fund Committee for the scholarship.  This will allow me to continue my education and to fully realize the direction God has called my life to take.  The education and practical knowledge gained from seminary has given my ministry a deeper understanding of every aspect of being a minister within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  As a 4th generation Disciple, I am thankful for willingness of the church to support its members with love and gifts, allowing them to follow their dreams.  I cannot express in words the appreciation I feel.  Thank you again.

Applications are considered annually and must be submitted by June 30th.

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