Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism News

Your Mid-America Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism (PRAR) Ministry has many facets.  We met August 20 at FCC in Troy to affirm how we live out our mission on behalf of us through three primary components.  As the name and mission indicates:


  1. We conduct authorized anti-racism trainings throughout the region that reveal realities of systemic racism in our communities, government, and churches, and the impact of white privilege - all in an engaging and lively manner. 
  2. Next steps in training inform how to organize and incentivize change.  The PRAR team will be pleased to come to your congregation for a general presentation or one specific to your needs.
  3. Thirdly, Mission & Unity grant requests made possible by the Disciples Reconciliation Offering are reviewed to empower local settings working to make a change. 

The team was well pleased that the Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry has elected to require PRAR training as a condition of standing for all ordained and commissioned ministers beginning January 1, 2017, and to be renewed every three years.  The nature of complicated community life, since the beginning of our nation, but especially through today makes understanding multi-cultural concerns essential for vital ministry in all congregations. 

To this end, three PRAR training opportunities in 2016 will be counted as satisfying the new 2017-19 requirement.  The first was the very well-attended training at Columbia College this past July.  Two more trainings (at low cost) are on the horizon awaiting your participation.  They are the pre-Regional Assembly event at Drury University Oct. 6 and a training at Webster Groves CC in St. Louis, Nov. 5. A special enrichment gathering will also take place at Webster Groves CC on Sept. 24 where participants will get to see and discuss the film Injustice Anywhere by Liberation CC filmmaker Aziza Binti.

Our team continues to be enthusiastic and optimistic about this ministry; we are grateful for those who are interested and support it.  Our ministry ranks among the top in our denomination as we offer a critical voice regarding all national reconciliation endeavors.  We request that all pastors and congregations promote the upcoming Reconciliation Offering on Sept. 25 & Oct. 2 that makes our work possible and much more.  We will be happy to answer questions and provide support for continuing or introducing this special offering in your congregation. 

Story courtesy of Rev. Dr. Paul Koch and the PRAR team.
Photo courtesy of Rev. Dr. Penny Ross-Corona.